NewBizz introduces the VO Campus to AI. Basic and advanced training successful.

NewBizz have developed a tailor-made Artificial Intelligence (AI) training together in close collaboration  for its teachers and employees in close collaboration with the VO Campus. In the basic training, everyone was brought to the same level of knowledge regarding AI, in which, among other things, the origin, the impact of AI and the ethical side were highlighted. In the advanced training, ChatGPT was used in a practical form, in which AI specifically provided an answer to the questions and the daily activities. Everything about prompting and script writing.

The VO Campus employees rate this training as very useful, up-to-date, pragmatic and very good.

NewBizz and Interactive X-Wall create healthy fun!

NewBizz and Interactive X-Wall are joining forces to become smarter and more physically fit by playing fun games.

The prime example of the “gamification” of movement and learning is the power of the Interactive X-Wall. Play the games that are projected through actions to be performed (shooting, throwing, jumping, etc.), become smarter by giving good answers and beat your opponents!!

There are also interesting subsidy options for schools and educational institutions that fit in with the objectives of making our youth fitter and healthier.

Interested? More info?

The LeadGen Crew has started with Digital first outbound sales campaigns!

In Sales, time is always scarce. The balance between retaining customers and achieving growth, by tapping into new markets, is usually under pressure. On top of that, good salespeople are hard to find, especially when it comes to bringing in new customers “cold”.

What if we could take the entire route to the eventual scheduling of an appointment with a prospect off our hands? We clean up the existing database or realize the new target list; find out the contacts you want to speak to; reach them through a Digital First Outbound campaign and can take care of the administration and appointment scheduling for your sales team. We offer these services separately or, if desired, do this for you from A to Z. That’s how LeadGen Crew came to life.

In the meantime, there are already several companies that grow their turnover in this way and/or have prospects in the picture. Without all the time-consuming preliminary work, your sales team can travel to the scheduled appointments in good spirits. From then on, it is of course their job to convert the prospect into a customer with their knowledge and skills.

Need for growth and efficient sales strategy? LeadGen Crew…

AthleteFC introduces personalized video

Content still is king and nowadays the socials have a very strong position in sharing this content! One to many messages on social recieve “reviews and reactions” and the way of sharing content has foremost the goal of being clickbait…

What if athletes could share real video content with their diehard fans? Sending that special message, reaching out for the anniversary of their fans brings a more valuable connection between fan and heroe. AthleteFC brings a personalized video service that can be run stand-alone or incorporated in your app or other tech environment.

Many opportunities for heroes to stay in touch with their fans and fans to feel closer to heroes… Curious? Contact NewBizz and find out what the very attractive terms are for the first customers……

Ross Video and NewBizz extend Gold Preferred Partnership for the Sports and Entertainment market.

NewBizz is a Gold Preferred Partner for broadcast and fan engagement solutions in the sports and entertainment market. The existing collaboration with the Canadian market leader in this industry has been continued due to success. In the past period, great projects have been started and assignments completed. Unfortunately, due to rights and commerce, NewBizz is not allowed to indicate on the site which parties use these solutions.

Do you want to know more? Please respond via the contact page on this site.

The VO-Campus selects NewBizz and “De Merkpsycholoog” to jointly develop AI training for teachers..

The VO Campus in Nijmegen (consisting of 14 schools) sees the rise of Artificial Intelligence as an inevitable development. To get all teachers to a good knowledge level, NewBizz and De Merkpsycholoog, together with innovative teachers from the VO Campus, are creating a tailor-made training program for all teachers, in the “forest of AI apps and tools”.

NewBizz, Martific and “De Merkpsycholoog” founded: Gamechangerz

NewBizz, Martific and De Merkpsycholoog have gained a lot of experience in recent years with the possibilities that the gaming industry has and have therefore joined forces. They use their experiences in the field of Gaming, Gamification and Esports to achieve (strategic) goals in collaboration with its customers. All those organizations, associations and companies that want to do “something with gaming” because they recognize its power can contact the GamechangerZ. In a fun, coordinated strategic day, which ends with experiencing competitive gaming, we look for the possibilities together.



TNO selects NewBizz for Social XR Market Validation Project

Social eXtended Reality or Social XR is about to break through in the market. It makes the distances between people disappear forever and opens the floodgates for a flood of unprecedented new possibilities in, for example, IT, media, healthcare and mobility.


Extended Reality is the collective name for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). In themselves these are already everyday techniques. AR is already in all modern smartphones and tablets, you can just buy good VR headsets while you can just as easily play with intermediate form MR.

If you link those technologies to a communication platform, you do something even more: you allow the physical and virtual worlds to overlap and thus make distances between people disappear. That’s where the social part of Social XR comes from. Now you are making a video call with a colleague. In the foreseeable future, you may be having that conversation at your kitchen table with a virtual, 3D version or avatar of your colleague sitting in front of you.


TNO conducts groundbreaking research in the field of Social XR. With the TNO Early Research Program for Social XR, they are developing the most important media and network technology to enable XR communication. This research program enables TNO, together with partners, to develop all kinds of applications around Social XR with TNO’s Social XR platform. The aim is to further develop this scalable open communication platform. Something that benefits both partners and users.

In the TNO MediaLab they are currently preparing video streaming for the new reality. In doing so, they are looking at new and improved techniques for recording and playback. There is still a lot of work to be done in areas such as encryption, compression, data transport and synchronization. Additional issues such as management of digital rights and user privacy are also discussed.


NewBizz has started a market validation study for its Social XR solution. Which markets have the potential to embrace this solution and with which partners can TNO best market it?

Do you see possibilities? Be sure to contact us at:

Demo (in Dutch) for AR calling system

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences starts new Minor Esports; NewBizz added to team of teachers.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Johan Cruijff Foundation will give substance to the Esports course in the coming year. Within 10 minutes the minor was filled with a maximum of 40 students and many students had to be disappointed that they could not yet take this minor.

Thijs van Dijk, as an enthusiastic initiator of this minor, approached NewBizz to also participate as a teacher and I am happy to give substance to that. With a team of enthusiastic and motivated teachers, we will give further substance to Esports as an emerging and very fast growing sport. Strategy, marketing communication, commerce, team play and everything that comes with it is discussed.


NewBizz selected by Ross as Gold Preferred Partner for Piero and Venue Solutions

NewBizz becomes Ross Video’s new partner in the Netherlands

Leonard Ariens, head of NewBizz, new Ross Video Partner

Ross Video has announced that it has appointed Dutch company NewBizz B.V. as a Gold Preferred partner in the Netherlands. Founded by CEO Leonard Ariens, an experienced broadcast industry professional, NewBizz’s main focus is on the sports market. As a matter of fact, NewBizz has links with many sports governing bodies and clubs around the country.

“I’m delighted to be representing Ross,” notes Leonard Ariens. “I’ve already experienced working with the innovative Piero sports graphics analysis solution and have seen first-hand how it can create really eye-catching and engaging content that viewers respond to. It’s impossible to ignore the breadth of the Ross portfolio and how many solutions Ross has developed for the sports and live events market. I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with the rest of the solutions range and helping our customers produce even more impactful content with greater efficiency.”

Mark Gardner, Regional Sales Director for EMEA North, is pleased to welcome Leonard and NewBizz to the Ross family. “I’ve been extremely impressed with Leonard’s ambition and energy, and I’m sure he will do an excellent job helping Ross extend our footprint in the EMEA sports market. Ross has become the dominant player in North America where stadium and in-venue production is concerned, and we need motivated and forward-thinking partners to help us realise our ambitions here in EMEA. We’re committed to building this side of our business, and we’re very much looking forward to working with Leonard to make this happen.”