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TNO selects NewBizz for Social XR Market Validation Project

Social eXtended Reality or Social XR is about to break through in the market. It makes the distances between people disappear forever and opens the floodgates for a flood of unprecedented new possibilities in, for example, IT, media, healthcare and mobility. WHAT IS SOCIAL XR (EXTENDED REALITY)? Extended Reality is the collective name for Virtual […]

NewBizz develops a concept for the F1 Zandvoort 2021 Grand Prix.

Based on the request of the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Automobiel Club to design a fun concept for this event, NewBizz has developed 2 concepts to follow this race in a special way. The KNAC has a special history with Zandvoort and its Grand Prix and is rightly proud of it! NewBizz developed a “comfortable and more […]

SportInnovator chooses NewBizz BV to conduct market research “Smart technology against Racism in Soccer Venues ”.

“SportInnovator chooses NewBizz BV to conduct market research“ Smart technology against Racism in Soccer Venues ”. SportInnnovator, a renowned part of the Ministry of VWS, has selected NewBizz to carry out the important market research “Smart technology against racism in Soccer venues” on behalf of SportInnovator. In addition to NewBizz’s extensive experience in the Software, […]