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NewBizz and Interactive X-Wall create healthy fun!

NewBizz and Interactive X-Wall are joining forces to become smarter and more physically fit by playing fun games. The prime example of the “gamification” of movement and learning is the power of the Interactive X-Wall. Play the games that are projected through actions to be performed (shooting, throwing, jumping, etc.), become smarter by giving good […]

AthleteFC introduces personalized video

Content still is king and nowadays the socials have a very strong position in sharing this content! One to many messages on social recieve “reviews and reactions” and the way of sharing content has foremost the goal of being clickbait… What if athletes could share real video content with their diehard fans? Sending that special […]

Ross Video and NewBizz extend Gold Preferred Partnership for the Sports and Entertainment market.

NewBizz is a Gold Preferred Partner for broadcast and fan engagement solutions in the sports and entertainment market. The existing collaboration with the Canadian market leader in this industry has been continued due to success. In the past period, great projects have been started and assignments completed. Unfortunately, due to rights and commerce, NewBizz is […]

The VO-Campus selects NewBizz and “De Merkpsycholoog” to jointly develop AI training for teachers..

The VO Campus in Nijmegen (consisting of 14 schools) sees the rise of Artificial Intelligence as an inevitable development. To get all teachers to a good knowledge level, NewBizz and De Merkpsycholoog, together with innovative teachers from the VO Campus, are creating a tailor-made training program for all teachers, in the “forest of AI apps […]

NewBizz, Martific and “De Merkpsycholoog” founded: Gamechangerz

NewBizz, Martific and De Merkpsycholoog have gained a lot of experience in recent years with the possibilities that the gaming industry has and have therefore joined forces. They use their experiences in the field of Gaming, Gamification and Esports to achieve (strategic) goals in collaboration with its customers. All those organizations, associations and companies that […]

TNO selects NewBizz for Social XR Market Validation Project

Social eXtended Reality or Social XR is about to break through in the market. It makes the distances between people disappear forever and opens the floodgates for a flood of unprecedented new possibilities in, for example, IT, media, healthcare and mobility. WHAT IS SOCIAL XR (EXTENDED REALITY)? Extended Reality is the collective name for Virtual […]