The LeadGen Crew has started with Digital first outbound sales campaigns!

In Sales, time is always scarce. The balance between retaining customers and achieving growth, by tapping into new markets, is usually under pressure. On top of that, good salespeople are hard to find, especially when it comes to bringing in new customers “cold”.

What if we could take the entire route to the eventual scheduling of an appointment with a prospect off our hands? We clean up the existing database or realize the new target list; find out the contacts you want to speak to; reach them through a Digital First Outbound campaign and can take care of the administration and appointment scheduling for your sales team. We offer these services separately or, if desired, do this for you from A to Z. That’s how LeadGen Crew came to life.

In the meantime, there are already several companies that grow their turnover in this way and/or have prospects in the picture. Without all the time-consuming preliminary work, your sales team can travel to the scheduled appointments in good spirits. From then on, it is of course their job to convert the prospect into a customer with their knowledge and skills.

Need for growth and efficient sales strategy? LeadGen Crew…