NewBizz develops a concept for the F1 Zandvoort 2021 Grand Prix.

Based on the request of the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Automobiel Club to design a fun concept for this event, NewBizz has developed 2 concepts to follow this race in a special way. The KNAC has a special history with Zandvoort and its Grand Prix and is rightly proud of it! NewBizz developed a “comfortable and more passive” concept and a comfortable and more active concept. The concepts are at the discretion of the management team of the KNAC.

SportInnovator chooses NewBizz BV to conduct market research “Smart technology against Racism in Soccer Venues ”.

“SportInnovator chooses NewBizz BV to conduct market research“ Smart technology against Racism in Soccer Venues ”.

SportInnnovator, a renowned part of the Ministry of VWS, has selected NewBizz to carry out the important market research “Smart technology against racism in Soccer venues” on behalf of SportInnovator. In addition to NewBizz’s extensive experience in the Software, Media and Broadcast industry, the experience in the football world is of added value for SportInnovator.

Based on findings in stadiums and the broad attention for the events during the discontinued match Den Bosch – Excelsior (17-9-2019), it was decided to investigate which technology should be able to recognize discrimination, in order to prevent new incidents. This includes all forms of technology in the field of audio and image, among other things, that can be used for this purpose. It also looks at the combination with current and future developments regarding IoT, 5G and block-chain technology.

NewBizz will continue its exploration of SportInnovator, zooming in on substantive solutions that may already be available in the market or become available in the near future. In any case, all solutions that are already used in the Netherlands will be included in the market research as much as possible. Market parties who believe that they have solutions that are operational within one year and are invited to respond to: