About Newbizz

About NewBizz

What time is it? It’s game time!

– Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls yell –

“If you forget to prepare, you are preparing to be forgotten…”

With more than 25 years of experience in leading sales positions, business development and a background in software, telecom, CRM, broadcast, sports, events and media, NewBizz sees the technology increasingly converge in these markets. The enormous growth of the gaming industry, social media and digitization, among other things, offers new opportunities in existing and new markets. It makes solutions that previously seemed unfeasible, actually feasible. Because there are still so many opportunities and possibilities, NewBizz is happy to take on the challenge together with you. Your company, institution, association or (sports) organization can also turn its customers (subscribers, members) into fans by using sound business development and creative media solutions.

But then why create fans? Partly from managerial experience at my beloved football club NEC Nijmegen, I know that fans are passionate and loyal, but they are also the first to respond critically and straight from the heart. Being in contact with that fan leads to value in various areas. Listening where your organization can improve. You reward fans with attention, interesting benefits and give them a voice. Fans indicate what you need to improve to keep them for you. Where ordinary customers simply stay away from a disappointing experience, fans make themselves heard… Getting more value from the existing environment or creating new markets: NewBizz builds the business case with you.

NewBizz can be of service in the entire range of activities that contribute to this. This includes: (interim) sales management, launching new concepts, advising at all levels, developing and entering new markets, co-creation, business development or that (temporary) refreshment of sales and marketing within your organization…
Do you recognize the situations in which the brainstorming session with your MT resulted in an energetic day full of ideas and creativity? And,.. how did the execution go? What has really changed? Let’s make a “game plan” together to fill your “stadium” with real loyal “fans”… Tell NewBizz which match you want to play and we’ll build a game plan together!

What time is it? It’s game time!
(Michael Jordan)


The Game Plan.

In my more than 25-year career I have been able to play and/or coach many matches in challenging divisions. In all those competitions, there was always 1 important statement for me: who forgets to prepare, prepares to be forgotten. The success of almost any match can usually be measured by its preparation: the game plan.

In order to arrive at a good game plan, it is necessary to come to a good definition of the challenge and to define the expectations. Together we test the potential feasibility. Examples such as : Where can we find new potential customers? How do we introduce new concepts in the most critical Dutch market? How do we reach the desired target groups? How do we see our portfolio in version 2.0 and 3.0? Which (media) technology do we use to achieve the goals? Together we come to the description of the assignment. NewBizz then develops the Gameplan as a strategic approach to meet the challenges. If desired, NewBizz is also involved in its implementation.

The game plan is as tough as we collectively describe it and as the match needs. From practice match to final. From one-off actions to strategy formation in the field of media, marketing, online and sales; a game plan can include anything, as long as it is clear what involvement and responsibilities the players have. In the projects of NewBizz you will find examples where I have been involved in previous roles and during the time you will of course also find matches that I have played from NewBizz.

Does your organization need a fresh outside view regarding: pragmatic brainstorming sessions at MT level, quick scans, partnering, business development, fan engagement, business models; in short, does your organization need external creativity and execution? NewBizz is ready. Whichever match we are going to play, NewBizz is happy to assess with you which game plan we should use in the match and the road to it. Curious? Please contact me…

What time is it? Game time!


Meet our team

Leonard Ariens

Leonard Ariens

CEO & Founder
Cecile van de Ven

Cecile van de Ven

Project Management & Administration
Alexander Josiassen

Alexander Josiassen

Media Technology / Innovation / Digital Strategy