The follow-up to the project Smart technology to combat racism and discrimination in football stadiums has led to 3 and later 4 consortia (PSV, Feyenoord, PEC Zwolle and ADO Den Haag/FC Utrecht) that have taken up the challenge. The developments can be divided into 3 basic elements of the solution: Identification, signaling and sanctioning. It now appears that this solution can also make a good contribution to solving other incidents in football stadiums, such as throwing beer, setting off fireworks, aggression and entering the field.

Regarding identifying visitors in the stadium, Sportinnovator, KNVB, ECV and KKD have chosen a solution called Identity Based Access (IBA). This development has been extensively tested at PEC Zwolle and has passed various tests. Developing policy regarding supporters starts with “knowing who is in your stadium” (Phase 1 is “Identification”), so that you can apply it to them personally. NewBizz has been hired by Sportinnovator to guide the clubs in the implementation of IBA. In this process, NewBizz Sportinnovator assists in realizing Phase 1.